Parker Middle School-Boston 25 News My School Rules

Our School Rules: Parker Middle School Wins Boston 25 News ‘My School Rules’ Contest

Parker Middle School-Boston 25 News My School Rules ContestParker Middle School Recipient of $5,000 donation from DiBella Law Office

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CHELMSFORD, MA (Oct. 25, 2021) – Chelmsford’s Parker Middle School compiled more than 35,000 votes to win the Boston 25 News ‘My School Rules’ contest, Principal Dr. Jeffery Parks announced Monday morning.

The Parker Middle School was among two middle schools, two elementary and two high schools which advanced to the final round, each profiled by Boston 25 News, over the past two weeks. The other schools included Abigail Adams Middle School in Weymouth; Goodyear Elementary (Woburn) and Grafton Street Elementary (Worcester) schools; and Lynn Vocational Technical Institute and East Boston High School.

The Parker School received a $5,000 donation from contest sponsor DiBella Law Office of Boston.

“It’s the students and staff that make Parker awesome,” said Dr. Parks. “Our students genuinely care about each other and are very kind. The entire staff is willing to share their time, ideas, and expertise in order to help all students do well. We have a very positive, welcoming, and inclusive school culture. Finally, we work hard to create student leadership opportunities to help students have ownership of the school and to be directly involved in the decision-making process.”

Boston 25 News, which profiled the Parker School on its Oct. 20 morning broadcast, returned Thursday morning for a live broadcast and the presentation of the $5,000 donation from Christopher DiBella, Founder of DiBella Law Offices.

Part of the donation, Dr. Parks said, will be used to fund the visits of therapy dogs for the students and staff. On two occasions last year, therapy dogs were brought in for staff. “It was a big hit,” Dr. Parks said. “These well-trained dogs can help with stress reduction and there is no doubt they will have a positive impact on our whole school community. We have the ultimate goal of having a Parker community dog on a permanent basis.”

Roughly eight hours before the end of the contest, Chelmsford led the voting with more than 25,000 votes. The vote count was removed Thursday afternoon so that the outcome would have the element of surprise.

“The voting support was overwhelming,” Dr. Parks noted. “Thanks to the power of social media, we were able to spread the word effectively and generate enthusiasm that extended well beyond our Parker Community. Many of us had our families involved, high school and college friends, a former Parker student even made announcements at Chelmsford High School. There is no doubt that the whole district and beyond was voting for Parker.”


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